➤ ESG experts on demand
MartisLabs specializes in ESG advisory for the next generation of responsible institutional investors: small and medium investment managers and foundations.
We design and deploy a customized ESG approach for our clients and provide ESG subject matter expertise on demand.
MartisLabs offers integrated or project solutions for your
ESG strategy, data, research and analysis, and communication needs.




▸ Strategy

Development of client-centric ESG analysis framework

Readiness evaluation for membership in Responsible Investment networks (UN PRI, Ceres Coalition, etc.)

Integration of ESG into investment policies

▸ Data

Evaluation of suitable third party ESG data feeds

Design and implementation of ESG data synthesis and reporting tools

▸ Research and Analysis

Literature reviews

Benchmarking studies

Client-tailored research on specific names, industry, or ESG issue

▸ Communication

Guide and moderate internal stakeholder ESG dialogue

Prepare for and facilitate ESG dialogues with current and prospective Investment Managers.

Media relations for ESG approach (to avoid publicity of this kind)

ESG seminars